What we do

Springboard IT develops customised business software for clients based on their existing office, accounting and database applications.

We sort out the confusion between process and tools. We have clients who come to us and say:

“We need an Access database!” . Well, they might, and to be polite we will probably agree. But actually they have a business problem.

Here is an analogy: A driver turns up at his car showroom and says, “I want to go faster, I need a bigger engine in my car”.  Well, that would help, but is the problem really the handling or suspension. Possibly skills and training? What type of roads will they be using?

It’s not dissimilar for SpringboardIT. There is a mass of tools and applications out there, growing in scope and capability all the time. There are overlaps between them, and definitely several ways of approaching the problem. We are not wedded to any particular application, but we do have a lot of broad expertise. Microsoft is a major player in our solutions.

Our Expertise – Products and Applications

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