What if i am Transferring MTD to a new machine?

If you wish to transfer your MTD license to operate on a different machine, you can take the following actions.

All the options in the steps below are available from this menu in the MTD system:

This series of steps will allow you to transfer the license and NOT have to re-authenticate with HMRC (it carries the authentication permission with it):

  1. Backup MTD VAT Details on the original machine
  2. Transfer the file created to the new machine (or save in a shared location in step 1)
  3. De-activate the MTD License on the original machine
  4. Activate the MTD License using the original activation code on the new machine.
  5. Restore the MTD VAT Details on the new machine

If these steps are followed there is no need to re-authenticate with HMRC (The necessary details are stored in the file that is backed up)

In the case of an unexpected situation arising we have to assume that it is not possible to de-activate the license key on the old machine, therefore you would have to buy a new license or request us to cancel your original activation code and re-issue a new one – for which there is a service charge of £25 plus VAT.

We would also assume that it would not be possible to backup the MTD VAT Details so you cannot restore them.

Not being able to restore from the backup would simply mean that you have to Re-Authenticate with HMRC, which is not a difficult procedure and one that you have to carry out every 18 months anyway (HMRC requirement).

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