Can I Increase the number of VAT numbers I can use on a single machine?

We have had a couple of instances where people have had a desire to increase the number of different VAT Registration numbers that they perform MTD Submissions for on a single machine.

There is no inherent limit to the number of separate VAT Registrations that can be submitted from a single machine, the actual number allowed is controlled by the license key (Activation Code).

If you wish to increase the number of VAT Registrations you submit for from a single machine can we ask you to make your desire known by contacting

We will ask you to make a purchase for the additional VAT Registration(s) in the normal way.

When the additional purchase comes through we will issue a new activation code which you will receive via email

You will need to register the new license activation code using the following procedure:

You need to select the Deactivate License option from the MTD Menu, to deactivate the old license:

The name on the menu will change to “Activate License” and when you select that option you can copy and paste the new license activation key into the box provided.

To activate the new VAT Registration Number you simply type the new number in the box and click “Select New”. This will take you through the Authentication Process with HMRC for the new VAT number as described in this video Making Tax Digital Solution | Authenticating with HMRC – YouTube.

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